Our Health, Safety and the Environment

Company ​policy on Management of Health, Safety and the Environment

Coldstream Helicopters Ltd is committed to achieving excellence in providing a healthy and safe working environment, and to supporting environmentally sound practices in the conduct of Company activities. It is Company policy to comply with all applicable health, safety, and environmental protection laws, regulations and requirements.

To meet this standard of excellence, the Company implements management initiatives and best practices to systematically integrate health, safety, and environmental considerations and sustainable use of resources into all activities. All Company activities are to be conducted in a manner that ensures the protection of the public, employees, contractors, visitors, property, and the environment.

The Company’s goal is to prevent all workplace injuries and illnesses, environmental incidents, and property losses or damage. Achieving this goal is the responsibility of every member of our team. Supervisors have particular responsibility for the activities of those people who report to them.

The Policy on Health, Safety and the Environment applies to all members of the company community. The policy also applies to contractors whose work is directed on a day-to-day basis by Company employees. (Contractors who work independently under a defined scope of work are bound by the health, safety and environment requirements specified in their contract.)

​​To maximize the goal of protecting the company, the community and the environment, the policy must be systematically integrated into all aspects of company operations. This will be accomplished by making the overall management of safety and environmental functions and activities an integral part of everyday activities.

R. Gallagher
Robert Gallagher, ACP, ATP.
President & Accountable Executive