Aerial Construction

Coldstream will insure you have the right helicopter with the right crew to make your job a success.​ We support a variety of demanding industries including oil & gas, mineral exploration, hydro/utilities, forest management, construction, tourism, heli skiing and search & rescue.

We specialize in the transporting of personnel and cargo day and night to remote locations utilizing the the latest in innovations in technologies such as Kodiak Navigation Systems, Dyna Nav, Automatic (Pilot Operated) single and multi point remote hooks to conduct construction projects without the need for ground personnel to hook up external load operations. Our pilots are highly skilled precision long-line pilots and are industry recognized as leaders in this field.

Our pilots and maintenance teams are passionate about ensuring the safety of all personnel and contributing to the successful completion of all projects.

  • Avalanche Nets
  • RACS
  • Powerline Construction
  • Ski Lift Construction
  • Difficult Access Construction
  • Concrete Buckets
  • Rigging