Our Values

Our People make the difference

Although the use of best practices and the latest in aircraft comfort and technology play a big part in ensuring that the solutions and services we provide meet your objectives, it's really the skills, experience and dedication of our people to customer service that bring real value to our customers.

Innovation solves the complex issues

Our team, are all empowered to find creative solutions to your most complex helicopter issues and are able to assist our customers with end to end helicopter services. This front-line team is supported by a highly motivated group of experienced management that are dedicated to customer service and ensuring that our customers get maximum benefit from the combined wealth and experience of our team.

​​Customer-Focused Professionals

Our ability to attract and retain high-quality people is the foundation upon which our customer relationships are built. Our customer-focused approach ensures that you will consistently work with a dedicated group of professionals who understand your business objectives and how to ensure that those objectives are met.

​​Our Management

With over 75 yrs of experience in the helicopter industry, our management team is well versed in working closely with our customers to insure service and expectations are met on time and on budget. Experienced, safety conscious crews are our priority, great care has been taken to ensure selection of the right individuals with the experience level required.

​​​​Our Pilots

​​Coldstream's Pilots average 9,000 hrs of flying experience. With a focus on mountain and long-line operations, our pilots undergo thorough flight training and flight standards requirements to insure that our standards are being met.​​Our training is comprehensive, covering all operational areas including emergency, re-current training and customer requirements.

Our Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

​​​Maintenance is key to safe helicopter operations, Regular and recurrent training for our maintenance personnel include safety, human factors and appropriate factory and type training for the environments we work in .