Safety Management Systems                                                                                                                                 

Our integrated system approach to safety management, includes Flight Safety, Quality Assurance and HSE oversight allowing synergy with our business and the harmonizing of safety philosophy and policy.

​​By incorporating one cohesive and complete management system, 
Our philosophy is simple, "business always starts and finishes with getting your people and equipment home safely. Our Integrated systems insures consistent success to achieve this target.
Coldstream Helicopters is one of the first Transport Canada approved helicopter operators to implement a Safety Management System into its Operations Manual, further demonstrating our commitment to the evolution of safe helicopter flight.

"Helping move your people, equipment and business to new heights".....

Active Risk Management  
Our integrated risk management program far exceeds the industry standard for basic safety programs. Coldstream Helicopters actively promotes specialized programs dedicated to flight safety, specialized operations, and aircraft maintenance.

​The purpose of our Safety Case’s and integrated risk 
management strategies  are to demonstrate that the major hazards generic to rotor wing operations and specific to specialized operations have been identified and are being managed in compliance with the principles and requirements of the stated standards in which we plan to execute operations.    
 Satellite Tracking and Emergency Response

​​Coldstream Helicopters uses AFF (Automatic Flight Following).

​​All of our aircraft are equipped with Satellite tracking units that combine tracking with Iridium based voice and text communication. This allows our dispatchers to see real-time information pertaining to the location of each aircraft via a secure web page, and to communicate with our pilots.

​​Each Helicopter is also equipped with FM radio network which allows clear communication with ground crews and other aircraft.   
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